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Ryan James Fine Arts

Seattle, WA 

Kirkland, WA


Trust Cellars

Woodinville, WA


Mercer Island, WA

Seya Kim is an abstract painter known for her modern and sophisticated touches with a loose and calm mood. She is inspired by the changing seasons, landscapes and peaceful beaches to express a sense of relaxation to the urban lifestyle through her paintings. 


Her passion and obsession for art comes from a furniture designing father where she spent a majority of her childhood years in his design studio. Along with this, she attended Ateliers and Art Institutes where she began her training in drawing and painting. While later, Seya started teaching art for several years and now, she is a professional artist.


While Seya received her Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) Degree, she began expressing a light and loose style of hers and maintains this style to this day by painting light and gentle strokes within her art pieces. Attending Art School helped gain her level of sophistication in color schemes but also in combining simplicity and complication beautifully. 

Seya's work can be found in private collections throughout the US, as well as Korea and along with all of her past and present accomplishments, she is doing what she loves most by capturing beautiful moments on her canvas' with hopes of sharing them with her viewers. 

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